Styles I Teach:


Fingerstyle Blues guitar, incorporating bass and melody simultaneously. 

Improvising using major and minor pentatonic scales and Mixolydian mode. Developing ideas and targeting chord tones. In depth look at Arpeggios and chord substitution. In addition there are a whole host of solos I teach to support learning improvisation.


 Learn to play all the major techniques used in rock such as: pinch harmonics, harp harmonics, dive-bombing, finger tapping including (4 finger), Sweeping arpeggios, economy picking, building up speed with alternate picking exercises and application of all the above in a soloing context. 


 Learn all the major techniques used in Flamenco such as: Rasqueados, Gulpe, Picado and correct right hand technique. Then learn the set pieces a la Paco Pena and Juan Martin. 


 Learn all your favourite Indie hooks and riffs in depth and complete from start to finish with optional arrangements. Learn how to create your own hooks and lead lines. 


 Learn all the standard pop progressions now and then.




Sight Reading 

Learn all the notes in first position and then how to move around the neck, understanding position playing. Learn how to read in different keys progressively, gradually building up your knowledge from simple wholenotes up to semiquavers and beyond. Then learn how to read chords. 


 Learn how scales work, how to build up chords and work out any chord by looking at the intervals on the neck. Learn all about keys, modes, arpeggios, altered chords and more...........


 Learn how to develop ideas and target the correct chord tones. Learn what scales to use by looking at the chord progression. Learn how to make ideas more interesting. Learn all the standard licks by your favourite artists and apply them in the correct context and style.

Ear Training

 Recognise simple rhythms, melodies and chords selected from different scales. Learn how to work tunes out by ear.


Bass Guitar 

I now offer Bass guitar lessons for beginners to intermediate in a range of styles! 




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